Vehicle Wash Enzyme™

Bus and Truck

Vehicle Wash Enzyme™ is a mixed enzyme formulated product that provides a high level of lubricity and cleaning performance in brush and frictionless and vehicle washing applications. As Vehicle Wash Enzyme™ disburses into wastewater collection trenches and holding tanks, it continues to destroy soap, oil, grease, and fuel contaminants that are typically present in vehicle wash wastewater.

Additionally, bacteria responsible for the septic odors common in reclaim pits are totally eliminated. Vehicle Wash Enzyme™ is a non-allergenic, nontoxic and non-irritating product. It is nonflammable and is useable in any aqueous type environment.

Vehicle Wash Enzyme™ will not adversely effect the integrity of metal or plastic components and is totally compatible with filtration equipment, pumps and valves.


  • 5-gallon polyethylene containers
  • 30-gallon polyethylene carboys
  • 55-gallon polyethylene drums
  • 275-gallon polyethylene totes

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