“Athens Transit has operated Ross & White Bus Wash Systems since 1977. The 1977 bus washer was in daily operation until 2009. The 1977 equipment required updating to current equipment which included high pressure front and rear wheel spray, four brush system, water reclamation system, and under carriage spray system. The Ross & White Equipment operates daily with no repairs as of August 8, 2011. Normal maintenance is required to maintain a dependable system. The maintenance required is minimum. Ross & White provides quality dependable equipment.”


“At the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK), we have relied on Ross and White bus washing and interior cleaning equipment for nearly forty years as did our predecessor, The Greenline, before us. Our last Ross and White Washer and Cyclone cleaner was still functioning well daily after 25 years and our new systems perform exceptionally well for 120 cycles daily. Replacement parts are readily available and we have had very few and short interruptions of service.”


“This is a letter of recommendation for Ross & White Company of Cary, Illinois. Having purchased a complete heavy duty Transit Bus Wash System along with a Water Reclamation System in the year 2006 from them, I have personally experienced their very professional approach to business and the fact they are an organization that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

I am the Director of Maintenance for the Western Reserve Transit Authority. The Authority is located in Youngstown, Ohio and operates 66 vehicles on a daily basis. Being employed by a smaller transit agency requires me to function in several different management areas. The management staff consists of only 5 individuals and daily responsibilities are delegated accordingly. Along with being the Director of Maintenance; my responsibilities include serving as the Procurement Officer, Contract Administrator, Company Planner and Grants Management Officer.

Serving in the aforementioned capacities, I have been directly involved in many construction and equipment replacement projects for the Authority and by far, Ross & White Company along with the President, Jeff Ross, is one of the most dedicated and organized firms I have ever dealt with.

They are well respected in the industry. They design, manufacture, sell, deliver and install the best engineered heavy-duty wash systems for any application. They are very professional in their approach to all aspects of business and/or customer relations. They employ hard working, highly skilled, dedicated and very conscientious personnel. The entire organization is very supportive of all customer needs and dedicated to customer satisfaction, whether it is prior to the sale or after the purchase and installation of the system”


“We have had a great experience with your system. It is flexible, easy to use and maintenance free. Ross and White spent a great deal of time with us prior to the installation on final designs ensuring that all of our needs were met.”


“We purchased the water stripper for Amtrak’s premier service the Auto Train. The system was easily modified by Ross and White to accommodate Superliner Cars by adding 2 more blowers and controls. We installed it ourselves – was easy following the instructions. Works great, removes excess water, and combined with DI, final rinse of windows removes spots. Keeps any extra water from hitting the ground instead of pans and is good for the environment. Other facilities have purchased them since.”


“The Ross and White washing system has served us well over the last six years, as our vehicles are cleaner than ever before. The wash system is extremely reliable and requires very little maintenance since the installation.”


“The T-126 roll-over bus wash system works well for our cutaway transit fleet. It does a very good cleaning job on the county route vehicles that travel rural gravel roads in all types of weather conditions. The system is easy to operate and requires very little ongoing maintenance.”


“Sheboygan Transit is now Shoreline Metro. We also operate the Metro Connection para-transit bus service for Sheboygan County. The Ross & White bus wash has performed exceptionally well since installation. The decision to include high pressure wash sprays in conjunction with the “smart” brush has paid off well. Our mixed fleet of large and small buses is kept clean with no loss of mirrors, etc. Thanks for providing a quality system that meets our needs.”


“Our Ross & White bus wash is very dependable and easy to maintain. Ross & White employees are very knowledgeable and helpful.”


“A good solid machine and our buses have never been cleaner!”


“After stopping by your booth at APTA EXPO in Dallas last month, I wanted you to know that without Browns Engineering’s expertise, yourself and other personnel at Ross and White, this project would not have been possible. We were very pleased that Ross and White received the award for this procurement in June 2003 for the bus washer and vacuum. The project did come in as budgeted and Des Moines MTA is looking forward to twenty plus years of service from the equipment as our counterparts in Omaha have and who happen to have two units still in operation today. Pretty remarkable!

I also wanted to share the fact that Brown Engineering entered the upgrade/renovation of our service lane in an engineering competition in 2004, when the complete project was completed and won the 2005 Engineering Excellence Awards Competition in the small budget category (construction cost under $500,000). Your help made our goals a reality.”


“The wash system initially installed at the RTD Platte facility in 1976 has performed excellent with little maintenance or downtime. We upgraded the system four years ago, and as with the original system,we are very pleased by the performance and by the customer support when needed.”


“The new vehicle wash system installed at our new facility does a great job of cleaning the two different styles of fleet vehicles we have. The combination of high pressure sprayers and brushes do an excellent job of cleaning the exterior and undercarriage of our buses.”


“We purchased and operated a bus wash from Ross & White in 1980. This bus wash performed very well and provided us with clean buses for 32 years. We purchased a replacement wash with the addition of undercarriage and wheel wash that cleans our buses and non-revenue vehicles. Ross & White provided excellent service in the planning, demolition, installation, setup and training.”


“Hensel Phelps Construction Co. would like to congratulate the entire team of the Southeastern Bus Garage Project on their efforts and contributions towards making this a successful project. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to complete the project on time and safely, delivering a quality facility. Your achievements are a source of pride to all of us.

We have received the attached letter of commendation from WMATA serving to reinforce our appreciation for Ross & White’s work on this project.

Congratulations on a job well done!”


“Good Morning and Merry Christmas! It’s been great working with you on NAIPTA this year.

I look forward to continued collaboration on other projects next year.
Please spread this to your staff and crews as a thank you for all their hard work. Take care.”


transit-supply-co-1940-bus-wash-photoThrowback to…
April 13, 1940

Ross and White Company
Chicago Daily News Bldg.
Chicago, Illinois

Attention:  Mr. Clyde P. Ross, Pres.

Dear Mr. Ross:

“This is to advise you that during the wet weather we have had this spring we have been able to keep our bus bodies cleaner than ever before. During one spell in bad weather, one man washed 32 buses alone in one day.

Our night crew of two men handles approximately 45 buses in an 8-hour shift, squeegeeing both the inside and outside windows. In addition, these two men spent two hours per night parking.

With our (Ross and White) washer, two men are capable of washing a bus in between 7 and 9 minutes, which includes squeegeeing all windows and the windshield. I thought you would be interested in this record.”


“Just a quick note to reiterate what I told you on the phone. I was very pleased when I arrived here (Sandag) and found they had chosen Ross and White for the bus wash equipment. Based on my previous experience with your equipment, I think your product is extremely durable, easy to maintain, and I know help with any issue is just a phone call away. I have had occasion to talk with your technical people and have been amazed at their product knowledge and ability to pinpoint problems over the phone. Thank you and all the crew at Ross and White for making my job much easier.”