About Ross and White

The Ross and White Company engineers, manufactures and installs innovative, Heavy Duty Large Vehicle Wash Systems. Systems include Bus Wash, Train Wash, LRV Wash and Truck Wash. We also offer product options such as Water Reclamation Systems, Cyclone Type Bus Vacuum Systems, Vehicle Wash Enzyme Holding Tank and Injection Module and Vehicle Wash EnzymeBus and Truck.

Ross and White Company History


The Ross and White Company was founded and incorporated in the State of Illinois in the city of Chicago. Originally founded to serve the rail transportation industry with coaling and sanding stations, the company moved into the bus and rail wash sector shortly after incorporation.  We are proudly MADE IN THE USA since 1933.


Our first contracts for bus and train wash systems were introduced in 1936, and included; Capital Transit, now Washington Metro, and Chicago Surface Lines, now Chicago Transit Authority. 1937 was a banner year in which many private and public transit companies purchased equipment; including Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Dallas, Atlanta, St Louis, Minneapolis, and many others. Word quickly spread throughout the country of the Chicago based company that provided quality, turnkey wash solutions for the transit industry.

Since inception, the focus of the company has always been customer-driven contract engineered systems. Our first patent in 1936 was for the “Blackhall Car Washer”, the FIRST BUS AND TRAIN WASH SYSTEM IN THE UNITED STATES.


WILSON-WASHER-1954The “Buck Cyclone Cleaner”, introduced and patented in 1950 by the Ross and White Company, is still in use today for the interior cleaning of buses and rail cars.

A portable forklift mounted brush washer known as the “Wilson Washer” was introduced in 1950.


The FIRST “touchless” or high pressure wash systems for the transit industry were introduced in 1960 by the Ross and White Company as the Oscillaspray and Oscillamate systems.


Introduces Drive-Through Four Brush Wrap Around Washing.


Builds and relocates its manufacturing and office headquarters to a 22,000 square foot facility in Cary, Illinois incorporating a 60 foot wide by 120 foot long 5 ton overhead crane bay.