Bus Wash Systems

For Every Size Fleet

As a contract manufacturer since 1933, the Ross and White Company has many unique and proven bus wash designs which can be utilized for the wide range of buses currently in use in the transportation sector today. The Ross and White Company has specific designs for Transit Bus Wash systems which need to address and wash a wide range of vehicle shapes and sizes including; Paratransit Bus Wash Systems, body on chassis type vehicles, articulated buses, and standard transit buses with bike racks.

School Bus Wash Systems are also available which address the many configurations of school buses currently on the road today.  The combination of touchless bus wash components with brush wash components, create a system which has the flexibility to wash the wide range of buses in the school transportation industry.

Small footprint over the road Coach Wash Systems are available for the private carrier at reasonable costs.

Rollover Bus Wash Systems are available which wash a stationary or parked vehicle through a brush current sensing system, eliminating the need for the drive through or moving vehicle wash process.

Touchless Bus Wash and High Pressure Wash Systems are available which rely solely on pumped high pressure water and chemical to wash the vehicle.

4x4-Brush Transit System

Model 4X4-HPF-OM

4x2-Brush Transit System

Model BAR-1055-HPF-M

3-Brush Rollover

Model T-126

Touchless Wash System

Model HPS 30-150-300

2-Brush Wrap Around

Model B-1025-HPF-M

Maximum Simplicity

Model SB-1000
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